A Self Published love story

A Self Published love story

Looking for sustainable Valentine's Day gifting? Self Published love stories are designed to be worn however you please. Gold vermeil, precious stones, earrings, rings, necklaces and a charm bracelet – your story, your way.


Love is many things; tender, kind. Unusual, eternal. Brief, resistant. Love could be screaming, and you’ll never walk alone, along with fifth thousand of your closest friends. It could be whispering one name till the end of time…shhh..je t'aime pour toujours. Do opposites attract? Sometimes. Are we held captive by desire? Perhaps. Whatever flavour you feel, modern love walks beside us all. 

Here are a few charming ideas to celebrate a day of love (if that’s your thing).

Unusual Pairings gold vermeil charm chain
Everlong drop pearl charm with gold vermeil Pretend You're French gold vermeil cluster ring with garnet, topaz, moonstone and spinel 
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