Future-proof Your Jewellery Collection

Future-proof Your Jewellery Collection

As The Beatles so wisely sang, “Well you know, we all want to change the world”. We’d love to start a revolution, so why not start with jewellery?  

We believe jewellery taps into the childhood wonder of treasure; seeking it, collecting it, keeping it safe and taking favourite pieces out to admire them from time to time. It’s a sweet notion, but we think jewellery hidden away in a velvet-lined box is a beautiful shame. What good are piles of gold if they’re not dripping from your decolletage?

One key reason jewellery stops making it out and about is that our taste changes. Trends move on and new styles take over. Our treasure becomes a still life, a moment frozen in time but no longer relevant. 

We say, jewellery isn’t a still life. Your body is not a museum, and neither is your box of keepsakes. 

What if our revolution–our small way to change the world–was to create jewellery designed to weather the trends, change with your taste, and move with your style? Jewellery that was both old and new at the same time, made to wear again and again. Customisable pieces that convert in the way you want, just how you need.

We call it future-proof jewellery. Like most lasting legacies, it’s fundamental to start with quality. This is the reason we love gold vermeil–it’s a best-in-class way to create high-quality pieces that are made to last. 

Secondly, you need a few core pieces that can easily adapt and be mixed and matched. Here are a few essentials to kick off your future-proof collection.

  1. Lariat chain

Lariat chains are the perfect future-proof piece for several reasons. Ultimately, they’re two styles in one. A good lariat should have a detachable drop, so you can wear it as a simple round necklace or a long linear design. 

Our tip for choosing a piece: Aside from a detachable drop, choose a simple chain with bold links and no permanent pendants. This allows you to wear it as a statement piece–with or without the extensions– and then easily change up the decorative elements. A lariat chain that allows you to add or remove charms is perfect.

  1. Snake chain

A solid gold snake chain is the ideal layering piece, a huge plus that makes it 100% future-proof. You can choose to wear just it alone–a thick lick of shiny yellow– or give it a supporting character when you pair it with something delicate and fine. You can even clasp it high and tight (choker style) and play with proportion when you wear it with a big bold counterpart.

Our tip for choosing a piece: Choose a snake chain with an adjustable length for extra longevity–you’ll be able to perfectly position it to match a wider range of pieces. 

  1. Petite pendant chain

A reliable addition to any jewellery collection is a fine chain that’s delicate enough to whisper gently yet strong enough to carry a single pendant. This piece will never go out of style, and layers well with pretty much anything.

Our tip for choosing a piece: Delicate doesn’t have to mean boring. Pick a piece with unusual or contrasting links, something that is interesting on its own but also plays well with others. If it comes with a pendant, make sure it’s removable–you’ll get the most out of a chain that allows you to switch pendants in and out depending on what you’re feeling.

Our final tip? Go for simple with impact, preferably with changeable elements. Choosing pendants, charms and chains that mix and match will mean you get endless combinations out of your investment, and a carousel collection that never goes out of style. 

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