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Under the Sustainable Fashion Influencer

We think influencers get a bad rap. Sure, we might not be able to relate to a load of them - especially ones with their impossibly long legs, wearing something akin to reimagined 90s fashion, or dental floss masquerading as a bikini. Swap the low-rider jeans for chunky chains, delicate necklaces, bold hoops and statement cuffs, and now we’re talking - all 14kt gold vermeil everything.

Anyway, this post isn’t about them. Today we’re taking a quick dip into the world of sustainable fashion influencers - we’re doing a fashion blog. It’s a cause we’re committed to. Every necklace, bracelet, ring, pair of studs or Huggies - all jewellery collections designed by us use only ethically sourced gems and recycled gold or silver where possible. 

So who are we hitting follow on? These ladies are not only leading the way to slow down fast fashion, each with a signature look and personal style we can’t get enough of.

Let’s go.

Dominique Drakeford

Dominique Drakeford, sustainable style influencer

Dominque Drakeford is a seriously qualified educator and advocate of sustainable systems–she graduated NYU with a BA in Business Environmental Management and a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Fashion. She’s also the founder of MelaninASS (Melanin And Sustainable Style), a digital home for sustainable fashion, natural beauty, wellness and land sovereignty efforts by B/IPOC (Black/Brown Indigenous Communities of Colour). Check out her slick, almost cinematic style @dominiquedrakeford...not only is she incredibly talented, she’s often dripping in rings, chains and earrings…enough to make any yellow addict drool.

Venetia La Manna

Venetia La Manna

A self-described fair fashion campaigner, London’s sustainable style guru La Manna has a whopping 166K followers, all tuning in to her takedowns of major fashion polluters (Pretty Little Thing, H&M, Shein and more). In addition, she has several media projects - a podcast and an Instagram spreading awareness of and supporting global garment makers. She even started a popular Facebook group encouraging her audience to swap outfits instead of forking out new stuff. In addition, she’s taken outfit repeating to a new level with her hashtag #OOOTD - old outfit of the day. We also love that she’s vocal about taking time away from socials and screens…swipe off, check the stars.

Kathleen Elie

Kathleen Elie

Scrolling through @consciousnchic’s feed, and it’s love at the first square. Sustainable Stylist Kathleen Elie is a fellow yellow addict, and we don’t know anyone who wears her knuckles-full-of-rings better. Whether it’s layering chains, rocking 70s fashion denim jumpsuit, an 80s-inspired blazer or braids and shades–she’s uber-cool and one of our top ethical fashion icons.

Emma Lavelle

Emma Lavelle

Better known as @fieldandnest, Emma is a writer, photographer, and advocate for slowing down. In her own words, “I mainly write about slow travel, sustainable style, interior décor, nature and simple living.” Her tips for taking better care of the planet inspire us to look closer at aspects of our lives - and hit up Oxfam for some ultra-sustainable fashion options. Hey Siri, is there a pre-loved jewellery shop near me?

Mary Alice Duff

Mary Alice Duff

Ever wondered why stores don’t always carry sizes over 16? Some say it costs too much to cater for ‘plus’ sizes - but Mary Alice Duff isn’t having it. Search #fatbabesdoingthings, and you’ll hit @alicealexanderco, her ethical take on tres chic cool-girl style - think bold prints, flawless fits and expertly patterned silhouettes - available in sizes 0-30. We love her vintage style - silver rings, dainty necklaces, and statement earrings. Perfection.


Ginnie (Virginia Chadwyck-Healey)

Ginnie Virginia Chadwhyck-Healey

Ginnie is a ethical fashion guru, a Telegraph UK fashion columnist, a Self Published wearer and all round inspiration, really. She's an avid campaigner for small ways to make big impact changes, showing followers easy ways - like how to calculate a cost per wear - to better understand our own purchasing power. She's also a sustainable style consultant for women seeking work, a fabulous initiative that has seen 1 in 2 women from the program get the job.


All images from featured Instagram accounts.

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