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Valentine's Day for lovers of all kinds

The origins of Valentine’s Day dates back to a pagan ceremony called Lupercalia, whereby naked women would line up to be whipped by the men. The men used hides from freshly sacrificed goats in the hope it would help with fertility. 

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We don’t know how to feel about this, but if we could go back in time we’d probably tell the men to go get stuffed and tell the women to Resist Captivity. 

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Somewhere along the way, the ancient Romans - an Emperor, in fact - martyred two men named Valentine - both on February 14, years apart.

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We don’t know why, but we’re almost certain it was a brutal and bloody execution. Probably not as bad as being burnt at the stake though, which is how Joan of Arc died at 19 tender years of age. If only she had a protective talisman, like our brave rebel Joey.

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Later, a pope merged Saint Valentine’s day with the pagan festival Lupercalia - most likely to break enduring pagan traditions.

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The Catholics kept the day focused on fertility and love, but opted to wear clothes...and skip the whipping.

Don’t quote us, but we’d wager they gifted each other fancy finery, or at the very least a pearl necklace…

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Travelling quickly now, Shakespeare and others doubled down on the romance and brought Valentine’s Day tradition to England and the UK.

Spurred on by Hallmark’s marketing genius, today we mark Saint Valentine’s Day by gifting our loved one's gestures and mementos to let them know how important they are. 

We say, let’s embrace these strange origins. Let’s take the moment to thank the stars and send some love to those who deserve it.

For friends 
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For lovers 
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Anyway, wherever you are, we wish you love. 

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Us 3 x

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